She Will Be (May Trigger)

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She Will Be (May Trigger) Empty She Will Be (May Trigger)

Post by Beauitful Disgrace on Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:01 pm

She Will Be
She always stood out
No one knew the things she holds
She had a plan to make big things happen
But every one thought she was
Some dumb girl that didn’t know a thing
She told her self that she would show
The people of this that town that she could
And would make some thing of the self
So she studies hard
Does what is need to pass them classes
And make them grades
Listening to the teachers
And learning what she can
Shell some day get out of this town
And make her dreams come true
As she thinks of the past
Nothing has really meant anything
Up until the past few years
High school will make you or brake you
For her it did both
She found and lost herself
Made friends and lost some
But what matter most was
That she pushed and pushed
And cant wait for the next few years
She wants to move on
No longer the scared little girl
She want to be the girl
She always wanted to be
Strong and in control
Mar. 1, 2008

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She Will Be (May Trigger) Empty Re: She Will Be (May Trigger)

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:25 pm

I can definitely relate to this one. You'll get out, I have faith in you Smile


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