hey girls... message from court... via me :)

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hey girls... message from court... via me :)

Post by Lizzie on Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:03 pm

hey girls.. so i was talking to court a min ago... she feels so guilty that she cant be on to support us as much as shed like.... (i tried pointing out that she has at least 2 jobs... is still getting an education.... housework.... ect) and that she shouldnt feel bad at all... but she still does...

annnnyway..... court wanted me to tell you all that she wants to help if you need to talk things threw, vent or anything....
she checks her emails alot and has waaaay better access to them.. so she has asked me to post her email address and to say she hasnt forgotten about any of you!!!

(love you court!!)

(eddit) ha ha it would help if i posted her adress... oh deer...
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