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Post by Guest on Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:16 am

Chains are broken
Words are spoken
The emotions held within
begin to spill from the bin

I've struggled with the notion of love
given to me from the God above
Each day the sun revolves around the Earth
which demonstrates to me the value of my worth

Of all the things God has created to be
I am a human who can walk, talk, and breathe
Knowing that I'm trusted with free will
tells me that everyone is worth much more that nill

God give me the strength to beat this addiction
with might, strength, and unflawed conviction
Give me the ability to be loyal to you
let me start again; my life anew.

But please God, don't only help me
help the friends I love, help them to see
their value, their worth, their imperfect hearts
let them begin again, and have a new start.


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