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hey girls!! Empty hey girls!!

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:49 pm

hey girls sorry i dont get on here much its very triggering to me sometimes so i have to limit myself but i wanted to share with y'all alittle...
ok so the last few months i was really struggleing with alot of things there was self injury and im ashamed to say masterbation and sex and alcohol and all kinds of stuff and i tried and tried to quit these things but they really had ahold of me and i didnt wanna let them go and they were really hindering my walk with god but about a month ago i decided i was done i wanted to be free and i did struggle with these things but god helped me and i pretty much quit but not completely and a few weeks ago the illinois church of god had a camp meeting in Marion Illinolis and me and one of the ladies from the church went up and went shopping with the pastors wfe and another lady and that night we went to church and iafter service there was an alter call and i went up and was filled with the holy ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues i havent SIed or ANYTHING since then i still get triggered and stuff but i KNOW that i know that i know gods right here helping me and giveing me stregth and encouragement through the word and its amazeing!!! he is amazeing y'all!! he gave me so much peace and joy its unbelievable......


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hey girls!! Empty Re: hey girls!!

Post by Steph on Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:21 pm

Thanks so much for sharing this testimony of God's grace in your life! I pray that He continues to do His work in you by His grace! We love and miss you here on the forums but it's so great to hear what God is doing in your life! Proud of you girl and praising the Lord with you!!!

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