Boundaries *PLEASE READ*

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Boundaries *PLEASE READ* Empty Boundaries *PLEASE READ*

Post by Steph on Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:48 pm

Let's talk about boundaries. The moderators of this forum do not want to give you the idea that we do not care and do not desire to speak with you so let's make the facts and the boundaries clear for your interaction with us.

1. We love you all! Every last one of you regardless of your past! We love you because Christ loved us first, plain and simple.
2. Our sole passion and desire for you is to grow in Christ, find peace and contentment in Him alone and grow in freedom. We do not take this lightly because we've all been there in similar circumstances and tried and true, God is the only thing in life that brings us true peace, freedom and healing.
3. We like speaking with you and being there to support you and mentor you. However, we are just not equipped to be around 24 hours a day to chat with you. RBL is not a substitute for finding professional help and support. We encourage you to find lasting supportive healthy relationships away from RBL to aid you in your recovery and healing. Healing is a choice and it takes work. Healing and recovery can't begin unless the person searching takes responsibility for their own actions and well-being. Something I have had to learn and continue to learn is that people won't always be there exactly at the time you need them to be and there are times when we need to take responsibility for our own actions and learn to lean on God to get through the tough times in life.
4. RBL is simply a resource and a support system. It is not meant to be your sole support system through your recovery. We are here to learn from each other, love each other, support each other and grow in Christ together but it is vital to realize the importance of building healthy relationships in your day to day lives (outside of the internet).
5. We need to set up some boundaries. Boundaries are the key to healthy relationships.
6. You are responsible for your own internet safety. Make wise choices. You all have heard of incidences with girls being coerced over the internet. Protect yourself and listen to your gut.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this.

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