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Post by Steph on Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:12 pm

I'm looking for girls who are willing to share with others how Restored by Love Ministries has influenced your life, how RBL has helped them grow in Christ, how the forum or mentoring program has helped you or how you have overcome a stronghold (such as cutting, eating disorder, etc) as a result of God working and placing RBL in your life. I'd like to put a few of these quotes on the Restored by Love Ministries website. Quotes should be no longer than 200 characters (meaning letters and spaces combined). First names of participants will be posted on the website as well. There is no deadline for this, however if we receive many quotes, we will rotate them out on the website over a period of time so if your quote isn't posted for a while, that is why. This is a great way to not only share with others how God has used this ministry in your life, but also speak out about the issues you struggle with. You sharing could mean great encouragement for other girls who are leery about getting involved with RBL and seeking help. I hope that you all will participate! Please do not post your quotes here but email them to restoredbyloveministries@gmail.com Very Happy

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