God's Holiness and Our Sin

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God's Holiness and Our Sin Empty God's Holiness and Our Sin

Post by Steph on Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:02 pm

This sermon was preached by my pastor Dr. Corts on Sunday. It's a great message that you should watch. It talks about God's holiness and His view of our sin and what we are risking when we continually sin when we know it's wrong. Encourage you to watch. I've also included the notes I took during the sermon. I hope they are of help to you.


Acts 5:1-11
Notes from the sermon:
Questions we need to ask in regards to our relationship with God:
1. What do you want FROM me God?
2. What do you want FOR me God?

What does it mean to test the Holy Spirit? (Acts 5:9) When we test the Holy Spirit we are:
1. Testing God's tolerance to sin
2. Testing God's Character - we ask, "Just how holy are you God?"
3. Testing God's Capacity - we ask, "Does God REALLY know about my sin?"
4. Tesitng God's Committment - we ask, "Are you really committed to my purity?"

The Holy Spirit's power means that:
1. His character is undeniable - He takes His holiness VERY seriously. He doesn't compromise on His character.
2. His capacity to know all things is inescapible. Nothing we do is EVER in secret.
3. His determination to make us holy is unstoppable. Holiness in us is the Spirits ultimate goal for us!

Couple random applications from the sermon:
1. No sin is ever really secret.
2. All sin is not equal (due to severity of consequences) but all sin is serious because God is holy.
3. The price of sin grows larger the longer we practice it.
4. The best time to deal with sin is the first time the Holy Spirit shows it to you.
5. Every discovery of sin is an opportunity from God for cleansing and forgiveness.

Renounce sin. Proclaim Christ. Long to be holy because a Holy God loves us, not to avoid discipline from God.

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