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something positive!!!!  Empty something positive!!!!

Post by Lizzie on Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:53 pm

hey girlies!!
just wanted to share somethings that God is doing in my life!

may is going to be an exciting month for me!! ive just been accepted to be a leader at the Christian youth camp that has played a huge part in my life!! in the beginning of may im going to be travling a bit to go to a planning meeting Smile sooooo excited about that!!

im also helping set up a new service at my church. its gone threw a bit of a depression as we havnt had a minister of any sorts and we wont be getting one.. so its been tough, but now theres a group of very tallented people trying to set up a service for the young people of the church! this is awesome as my church have been very good at alienating all and any youth that go. so this is a step in a very positive direction!!

also!!!! (yes theres more!!!!) my gospel choir have just finished recording our 1st album!!! it is due to be released on the 26 th of may!! wooooooop!!!!

i really just wanted to say that god is doing some pretty amazing things in my life. i cant even begin to understand what is happening now compaired to this time last year!!

hope you all are well!!!
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