trying to straighten out my thoughts

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trying to straighten out my thoughts Empty trying to straighten out my thoughts

Post by 4given90 on Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:08 am

Hey so I know I haven't been on here in a while things have been crazy lately and every time I think its getting better it gets crazy again. So I just wanna say y'all don't need to read this or reply to it I'm just trying to get my thoughts straight in my head. See my accountability partner thinks I should go to see a counselor because I have periods of being depressed. The periods of depression last weeks to months ever since I was 12ish so for about 9 years. I remember having issues with multiple things and some suicidal thoughts as early as 6 but things have gotten worse since age 12. The periods of depression have been getting longer and darker then before however they go away by themselves (I've never told any doctor so I'm not taking anything for it) and then things are fine in fact sometimes I have periods or a couple days to a couple weeks where I'm the opposite of depressed by far. See she thinks that something is going on with me but I disagree. One I don't think I'm depressed enough to warrant any need to go to counseling and two I think my depression is caused by me not being a good enough Christian or letting satan get to me. I've been working on my relationship with God and things are better however, they kind started getting better before that and the cycle of being depressed, getting better, and then depressed again does the exact same thing as I am now. But I don't want to go to counseling for something I need to continue to work out with God, but my accountability partner thinks its more then that. So my dilemma is should I take the advice and seek counseling or wait it out and hope for the best....


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trying to straighten out my thoughts Empty Re: trying to straighten out my thoughts

Post by Steph on Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:03 pm

Hey hun, I encourage you to read the "Hurting No More" post I posted. I can't tell you whether or not to go to counseling, that is up to you. I do think it's important to see a Christian Counselor who stays true to God's Word though if you do decide to go to counseling. I hope you will watch the video in the post "Hurting No More" and that it will help you. It really helped me! Very Happy

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